Itai no wa Iya nanode Bogyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu (2020)

痛いのは嫌なので防御力に極振りしたいと思います。, BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense., I hate being in pain, so I think I’ll make a full defense build

Kaede Honjou was invited by her friend, Risa Shiromine to play a VRMMO.I don't hate games, but painful things are a, I hate it very, very much.Eh!...the pain would be reduced if I placed stats on defense power?Then, the only place where I can place it, is there right? right?Solidify it into defense powers very hard, Here I come!

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24 min. per ep 2020

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bogyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu (2020)
Christmas Rose Background
Jun Inoue Japanese
Kaede Honjou Main
Kaede Hondo Japanese
Risa Shiromine Main
Ruriko Niguchi Japanese
Misery Supporting
Yuko Minaguchi Japanese
Pein Supporting
Kensho Ono Japanese
Mii Supporting
Rina Satou Japanese
Kanade Supporting
Satomi Arai Japanese
Kasumi Supporting
Saori Hayami Japanese
May Supporting
Ai Kakuma Japanese
Yui Supporting
Nanaka Suwa Japanese
Iz Supporting
Satomi Satou Japanese
Kuromu Supporting
Noriaki Sugiyama Japanese
  • Image Kouji Itou
    Kouji Itou
    Action Animator
  • Image Shin Oonuma
    Shin Oonuma
  • Image Fumihiko Shimo
    Fumihiko Shimo
    Series Composition
  • Image Koin
    Original Character Design
  • Image Chiyomaru Shikura
    Chiyomaru Shikura
  • Image Kiyotaka Kawada
    Kiyotaka Kawada
    Sound Effects
  • Image Mirai Minato
    Mirai Minato
  • Image Kisuke Koizumi
    Kisuke Koizumi
    Sound Director
  • Image Yuki Sawairi
    Yuki Sawairi
    Prop Design
  • Image Junjou no Afilia
    Junjou no Afilia
    Theme Song Performance
  • Image Rico Sasaki
    Rico Sasaki
    Theme Song Performance
  • Image Shinpei Aoki
    Shinpei Aoki
    Weapon Design
  • Image Kazuya Hirata
    Kazuya Hirata
    Character Design
  • Image Kazuya Hirata
    Kazuya Hirata
    Chief Animation Director
  • Image Yuumikan
    Original Creator
  • Image Sato Satoru
    Sato Satoru
    Director of Photography
  • Image Yuji Kondou
    Yuji Kondou
  • Image Noritomo Isogai
    Noritomo Isogai
  • Image Fumihiko Shinozaki
    Fumihiko Shinozaki
  • Image Asuka Yamazaki
    Asuka Yamazaki
  • Image Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
    Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
  • Image Daijou Kudou
    Daijou Kudou
  • Image Daiji Horiuchi
    Daiji Horiuchi
  • Image Taiji Misaka
    Taiji Misaka
  • Runtime: 24 min. per ep
  • Status: Finished
  • Release date: Jan 8, 2020
  • Season: Winter 2020
  • Studios: SILVER LINK.
  • Source: Light Novel
Itai no wa Iya nanode Bogyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu (2020)

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